Short film: A small death


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The autumn for many Finns often means the end of a too short period of warmth and the careless happiness of summertime. The autumn is the grey period before winter and can easily be associated with the return of reality and daily routines. A Small Death is a short film about these emotions and tells about a man, who desperately tries to cling on the last signs of summer. He wants to stop the autumn, but soon discovers that the way of the world is inevitable, as his attempts to save a small flower from dying fails.

This film was made as a school project for the course "Personregi". The aim was to find a "micro tragedy", and by easy means present the conflict in the story. A Small Death was shot on the Canon 7D. By: Pontus Borg, Emil Sallinen and Staffan Gräsbeck. Music by: Pontus Borg.

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Kategoriat: Fiktio
Kesto: 3:5

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